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Brussels à jour | Exploring the First 100 Days of the Notification Obligation under the Foreign Subsidies Regulation

March 2024

Brussels à jour | Be My Fee-lentine

February 2024

Brussels à jourNew Year, Same Problems? – Altice and the Fine Line of Pre-Closing Covenants

Januar 2024

Brussels à jour | Christmas Edition – The Roundup Before Christmas

December 2023

Brussels à jour | Gaslighting by Any Other Name…

November 2023

Brussels à jour | The Banks Strike Back

October 2023

Supervisory Board Survey 2023

September 2023

Brussels à jour | Unboxing 2023: The DMA is About to Happen – 4th Advent

December 2022

Brussels à jour | The Market Definition Notice is coming to Town – 3rd Advent

December 2022

Brussels à jour | A Christmas (Tax) Break – 2nd Advent

December 2022

Brussels à jour | It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year - 1st Advent

November 2022

Brussels à jour | Turn off the Light 

October 2022

Supervisory Board Survey 2022

September 2022

Brussels à jour | La Rentrée (1)La Rentrée (2)La Rentrée (3)

September 2022

Brussels à jour | Night Train to...Nowhere 

August 2022

Brussels à jour | An Illuminating Judgment

July 2022

Brussels à jour | Sempre Con Te – Always With You

Juni 2022

Brussels à jour | Our (Ware)House, in the Middle of Our Street 

May 2022

Brussels à jour | Buy one, get one free. But not a Commission dawn raid

March 2022

Brussels à jourProcessing the Intel Judgment – A More Economic Approach?

February 2022

Hengeler Mueller Newsletter 2022

January 2022

Brussels à jourSharing is Caring: Data Governance Act Meets DG COMP

January 2022

Brussels à jourAll I Want for Christmas… - A Brussels Year in Review -  

December 2021

Brussels à jour | A Topsy Turvy World

November 2021

Brussels à jour | Digital Markets Act and Merger Control

October 2021

Supervisory Board Survey 2021

September 2021

Brussels à jour | Towards a Digital Fortress Europe?

September 2021

Brussels à jour | La Rentrée

August 2021

New Transparency Register obligations as of August 1, 2021

August 2021

Brussels à jour | Casino Royale

July 2021

The new Standard Contractual Clauses

July 2021

Brussels à jour | Scrutiny Ahead: Launching the European Public Prosecutor’s Office

June 2021

Brussels à jour | Crack-down on Foreign Subsidies

May 2021

Brussels à jour | The Commission's New Guidance on Referrals under Article 22 of the EU Merger Regulation

April 2021

Brussels à jour | Green Deal and Merger: Control Sustainability – A Killer Deal Rationale?

March 2021

SPAC Boom in Europe? Structure and Trends

March 2021

Due Diligence Obligations for German Companies in the Supply Chain

March 2021

Germany to significantly expand the scope of mandatory FDI filings

February 2021

Brussels à jour | Green Deal and Antitrust: Less Red Tape for Green Cooperation?

February 2021

Hengeler Mueller Newsletter 01 | 2021

January 2021

The “Digitalization Amend­ment” of the German Act Against Restraints of Competition 

January 2021

Brussels à jour | State Aid and the Green Deal – A Green Light for Sustainable State Aid?

December 2020

New German corporate criminal law introduced into Parliament

September 2020

Supervisory Board Survey 2020

September 2020

AWG Amendments

July 2020

Brussels à jour | Google/Fitbit – A New Horizon for Behavioral Remedies in EU Merger Control?

July 2020

Brussels à jour | E-Commerce Competition – Study Supports Need for a Reform of the Rules

June 2020

Brussels à jour | Managing the Crisis through Coordination?

March 2020

Brussels à jour | Third Take – EU Commission Cracks Down on Cross-Border Sales Restrictions

February 2020

Hengeler Mueller Newsletter 01 | 2020

January 2020

New German laws on crypto custody

December 2019

New corporate criminal law is coming 

August 2019

Compliance Due Diligence Survey

July 2019

Hengeler Mueller Newsletter 02 | 2019

July 2019

German RETT reform underway

May 2019

Compliance in transactional practice

September 2018

Hengeler Mueller Newsletter 01 | 2019

January 2019

Compliance in transactional practice

September 2018

Current developments relating to the taxation of distressed German companies

August 2018

Hengeler Mueller Newsletter 02 | 2018

July 2018

Hengeler Mueller Newsletter 01 | 2018

January 2018

Exemption of Swiss issuers from publication obligations

January 2018

Commission Proposes New EU Foreign Investment Control Regime

October 2017

Key information regarding the transparency register under Section 18 et seq. of the German Anti-Money Laundering Act (Geldwäschegesetz, „GwG“)

August 2017

Reform of Foreign Investment Control in Germany

July 2017

M&A Snapshot

July 2017

Upcoming reforms to the German competition law regime

January 2017

Banxit – What now?
Structuring Options for UK and other Third Country Institutions

July 2016

Brexit & Intellectual Property
Action required on property rights

July 2016

Brexit: Credit Institutions and Investment Firms
Best Friends on Third Country Rules

June 2016

Relief of EU & US Sanctions

January 2016

BaFin on Debt Funds

New Administrative Practice
May 2015

German Capital Investment Act

What Private Equity Funds need to know
June 2013


Distribution Rules for Alternative Funds
June 2013