Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Sustainability has become a central issue for our society. No company will be able to avoid the consequences of climate change and the responsibility for the societal impact of their own conduct and business activities. The associated transformative developments present major challenges to companies, banks and investors, but they also offer opportunities. Already today, ESG aspects are having powerful impacts on business and investment decisions as well as on the access to capital. At the same time, they are driving innovation and creating new areas of business.

Currently, one of the central elements of ESG is the effort to define indicators and technical standards (taxonomy). Among other impacts, these standards will play an increasingly important role in risk analysis, the rating of companies and financial instruments according to ESG criteria, investment and financing decisions, how companies position themselves as well as on company acquisitions and sales.

As a leading commercial law firm, we will use our expertise to provide you with comprehensive support in responding to the upcoming challenges. We will assist you in changing your company structure, complying with reporting duties and addressing questions of remuneration, and we will advise you on sustainable financing instruments and loans, ESG aspects of transactions, issues of compliance and environmental protection and on matters of competition law. When providing our services, we always keep abreast of statutory and regulatory developments.

Specialised Lawyers for Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

Assetmanagement/ Versicherungen
Carl-Philipp Eberlein
Corporate Governance
Lucina Berger
Dispute Resolution
Philipp Hanfland
ESG Compliance
Sven H. Schneider
Fabian Quast
Markus Röhrig
Mergers & Acquisitions
Daniel Möritz
Sebastian Schneider
Jan Bonhage
Dirk Uwer
Erasmus Hoffmann
Sustainable Finance (DCM)
Dirk Bliesener
Sustainable Finance (Kredite)
Johannes Tieves