Jan specializes in EU, constitutional and public law, as well as public procurement and state aid. He advises and represents domestic and international companies, and the public sector.

Jan's practice covers major projects, especially in the EU energy sector (incl. conventional energy sources, nuclear, offshore, renewables, networks), as well as in traffic and infrastructure (incl. German road charges/toll collect, EU subsidies roads and infrastructure), defence and security (incl. military procurement, aviation), finance and health care. He has been heavily involved in public contracts and concessions for outdoor advertising.

Jan's public procurement and state aid practice covers representation in public procurement, review, EU finance control and state aid procedures as well as contract negotiations, restructurings and other transactions. Recent highlights include representation in proceedings before the courts of the European Union and the European Commission. Jan helps and advises clients on all aspects and stages of the procedures, including complex restructurings and negotiations as well as matters relating to compliance and public funds.

Jan has worked on a wide range of negotiations and transactions, and advised on a wide range of public law matters (incl. automotive, regulated industries, real estate) and foreign investment control.

Jan has broad experience as an expert in legislative procedures, both at the federal and state level. He has been involved in a range of internal investigations, including advising on self-cleaning measures.


  • Admitted to bar 2004
  • Attorney-at-law (New York)
  • Universities of Freiburg and Berlin (Dr. jur.)
  • Università di Bologna
  • New York University School of Law (LL.M.)


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