The war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia

In response to the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops in late February 2022 in violation of international law, the entire Western world has imposed severe sanctions on Russia. These sanctions could see a further tightening in the coming weeks. However, this increases the risk of not only the Russian military operations escalating, but of Russia imposing sanctions of its own or taking other measures in retaliation. Companies, and not just those with direct business relations with Russia, are facing major challenges.

You can rely on our sanctions experts to assist you in this crisis. Some of the issues we can provide advice on include:

  • Subject and scope of sanctions currently being imposed by the EU, the US and other jurisdictions
  • Review of business, export and financing activities
  • Contract drafting, enforcement of contractual claims, force majeure
  • Structuring of transactions
  • Business relations with sanctioned parties, sanctions screening
  • Navigating conflicting sanctions being imposed by different countries
  • Official procedures, state support in managing the effects of the crisis
  • Potential consequences under criminal and civil law in the event that sanctions are violated


Please feel free to contact our experts with any questions you may have: