At Hengeler Mueller, we are committed to creating and supporting a diverse workplace. Above all, we strive to be constructive and respectful in our behaviour toward one another. We want to work with interesting individuals: people with different stories, backgrounds, interests, and perspectives. We benefit immensely from diversity – in the quality of our work and in our working relationships.

We value diversity in all its facets: gender, cultural, racial, religious, LGBTQIA+, disability and age diversity. We encourage you to get to know us and to apply to become part of our team. Our aim is to build a working environment where everyone is welcome, fulfils their potential and is recognized as an individual who is treated with respect. It is important for us that our people feel like they work in an environment where one can succeed irrespective of background or gender. In recent years, we have made determined efforts to increase our number of diverse lawyers and colleagues from Business Services. It is our commitment that every personnel decision, from hiring to making someone partner, is guided entirely by the individual’s professional qualifications and personal qualities.

We have built strong internal and external networks, and organized various initiatives and events to embrace an inclusive environment:

Internal and External Networks:

  • To broaden our commitment to a diverse workplace, since the beginning of 2023 Hengeler Mueller has become a law firm partner of the General Counsel for Diversity & Inclusion (GCD&I) initiative and its statement of support: "We promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Legal Sector". We have taken this step in further support of all facets of diversity (gender, cultural, social, racial, religious, LGBTQIA+, disability and age), not only in our internal relationships but also externally in the relationships we have with legal counsel of our clients.
  • HM Cultural Diversity Working Group: The purpose of this group is to accommodate the variety of religious and cultural backgrounds at Hengeler Mueller. The members of the working group share their commitment and enthusiasm for intercultural exchange, as well as strengthen awareness within the firm in dealing with different experiences, memories and traditions.
  • HM Pride/LGBTQIA+ Group: This group is for everyone at Hengeler Mueller who is interested in the topic of LGBTQIA+, diversity and equality, and wants to engage in conversation about these topics.
  • Best Friends Diversity Group: we organise leadership training sessions and discuss diversity and inclusion best practices with our Best Friends. As a result of these shared experiences with our Best Friends, we are able to grow and develop even further, by being exposed to a larger pool of diversity than we would have on our own.


  • HM Diversity talks: lunch and learn sessions with external speakers who are highly committed to the topic of D&I are invited to share their personal experiences, concepts for success, as well as challenges and ideas to promote a diverse and inclusive working environment. We have had Diversity Talks covering different D&I topics from cultural diversity, gender diversity, LGBTQIA+, inclusion and anti-discrimination to transgender with speakers from different sectors (automotive, politics, media, sports and coaching);
  • Annual Hengeler Mueller Women’s Days and monthly lunch meetings for female lawyers at each of our German offices;
  • Firm-wide internal diversity workshops focusing on specific steps to further promote diversity and inclusion within HM;
  • Dedicated hiring events for female lawyers, a female leadership program together with the Best Friends' firms, as well as professional coaching for selected female associates aimed at empowering and advancing their career;
  • Launch of a whistleblowing hotline;
  • Committed signatories of the Diversity Charter, a corporate initiative in Germany; and
  • Together with our Best Friends, active in Stonewall’s Global Diversity Champions programme (Global Diversity Champions programme | Stonewall).