Daniel is an expert in the insurance sector.

His practice is focused on corporate and insurance regulatory advice to insurance undertakings and groups. It comprises, for the most part, group reorganizations (including mergers, spin-offs, portfolio transfers, inter­company agreements, outsourcing agreements, and structuring of mutual groups) as well as advice in connection with the acquisition or sale of insurance undertakings.

In addition, he advises German as well as foreign insurance undertakings on various regulatory issues, such as own funds and solvency, governance, and remuneration systems, as well as in establishing insurance enterprises or starting cross-border insurance activities.

Examples of Daniel's more recent activities include:

  • Direct Line Group: sale of its German and Italian insurance activities to Spanish MAPFRE group
  • Continentale Group: acquisition of Mannheimer insurance group from Austrian UNIQA group and post-acquisition integration
  • ŸRSA: Part VII transfer of its German branch insurance business
  • ŸAXA: integration of the German Winterthur activities into German AXA group (mergers, portfolio transfers)
  • Generali: Squeeze-out of German minority shareholders and subsequent court proceedings

Daniel's other activities include:

  • ŸHDI/Talanx: establishing a quasi-holding structure at the mutual insurance company level
  • Hannoversche Leben: merger of a mutual life insurance company into a mutual non-life insurance company
  • Protektor: establishment of the German life insurance guarantee scheme as well as acquisition of the Mannheimer life portfolio
  • Talanx: acquisition of the Gerling insurance business as well as integration of the acquired group into the Talanx group

More recently, Daniel has been advising insurance undertakings on various Solvency II issues, like the adaption of governance structures and remuneration systems to the requirements of the new regulatory framework, and financing issues.


  • Admitted to bar 1990 
  • Universities of Regensburg and Bonn (Dr. jur.)
  • Law firm in New York, 1991-1992
  • Law firm in Barcelona, 1995

Industry Sectors


  • Co-author: Bähr (Hrsg.) Handbook of German Insurance Regulatory Law, 2011
  • Co-author: Lutter, Transformation Act (Portfolio Transfers, Mutual Insurance Companies), 5th ed. 2014
  • Co-author: Beck'sches M&A-Handbook (Insurance Undertakings), Meyer-Sparenberg/Jäckle, to be published 2016