Law Clerks

A legal clerkship (Referendariat) with Hengeler Mueller is actually a multi-faceted training programme, offering you lots of extras that are still relevant to your exams. But most importantly, your time with us gives you hands-on experience of what it actually means to be a lawyer. We integrate you into our teams and case work, and take your professional development as seriously as that of our associates. At the end of your clerkship, we want you to have a realistic impression of the job of a business lawyer as well as of our culture at Hengeler Mueller. This will help you decide if the career is right for you – and at the same time gives us a chance to get to know you better. A clerkship with our firm is often just the first step. Almost two-thirds of our associates began their careers with us as law clerks, legal researchers or interns.

We offer opportunities to complete the mandatory elective stage (Anwaltsstation) and the voluntary elective stage (Wahlstation) of your clerkship at all of our offices. If you are interested in a clerkship abroad, you can also complete a stage at our offices in Brussels, London or Shanghai. Twice a year, we offer a group the chance to spend three weeks of their Hengeler Mueller clerkship participating in a short-term programme at Slaughter and May, our Best Friends firm in London. In individual cases we can also set up clerkships with other firms in our international network.

We offer you:

  • training by a partner or counsel as well as by an associate
  • direct participation in case work
  • a wide-ranging training programme
  • exam prep courses in our German offices
  • courses in legal English
  • an extensive programme of extra events
  • opportunities to participate in other events with us