India Desk

The India Desk advises Indian companies on their business activities in Germany and throughout Europe and in accompanying German companies to India. Members of the India Desk regularly visit India to meet corporates, law firms, banks and auditors and also to attend conferences based on different topics like IT and foreign investment in India.

India Desk Newsletter

July 2020

  • M&A in times of COVID-19
  • Spotlight Merger Control and Antitrust Law during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Shareholders’ Meetings Modernized by COVID-19 Legislation
  • Temporary Lay-off of Employees and Short-Time Work 
  • Easements to Insolvency and Loan Restructuring Rules
  • New Foreign Direct Investment Rules

February 2020

  • Key Legal Trends:
    Spotlight M&A  |  EU Closes Ranks in Screening Foreign Direct Investments  |  W&I Insurance in European M&A Deals  |  Compliance Due Diligence in M&A Transactions Increasingly Institutionalised
  • Future and Upcoming Topics in 2020:
    New German Corporate Criminal Law  |  One Year GDPR  |  Blockchain and ­Crypto-Assets  |  German Energy Transition and Green Bonds

August 2019

  • Taking private
  • German legislator plans regulations on employee protection in internal investigations
  • Legal Tech – Its evolving potential and thirst for education

February 2019

  • Thresholds Effective – Foreign Investment in Germany
  • Enhanced Cooperation and Scrutiny – Foreign Investments in the EU
  • New dis rules of arbitration
  • Whistleblower protection in the EU
  • Beware of in-depth merger control review in Germany

August 2018

  • Joint Ventures in Germany
  • Earn-out Clauses in M&A
  • Financing Market and Recent Trends
  • Corporate Criminal Liability in Germany
  • Hengeler Mueller’s role as international deal counsel

February 2018

  • Compliance with Transparency Register
  • Proposal for a new EU Foreign Investment Control Regime
  • 2017 – The year of the mega deals in Europe
  • Trends in private equity deals 
  • Shareholder activism in Germany 
  • Investments in tech companies

August 2017

  • Brexit – An Update
  • Compliance with GDPR
  • Investment in real estate in Germany
  • Changes in Foreign Investment Control in Germany
  • M&A Market in Germany 
  • Private equity deals in Germany

January 2017

  • AIXTRON and its effects on M&A deals
  • Reforms to the German competition law regime
  • Warranty and Indemnity Insurance
  • Trends in private equity deals