7 March, 30 March and 26 April 2022


Artificial Intelligence on the Verge of Regulation

7 March, 30 March and 26 April 2022 (5-6 pm CET)

With its draft Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) Act, the EU is pushing towards developing the world’s first legal framework for the development and use of trustworthy and reliable AI applications. The US administration is closely following the developments and has indicated an interest to adopt a similar regulatory scheme.

The draft AI Act intends to ensure safety and to protect fundamental rights of people and businesses while promoting the spread of AI and strengthening investment and innovation in the EU. It takes a risk based approach under which a few AI applications are banned and many AI use cases will be subject to strict requirements relating to transparency and data quality. The EU is also updating its liability laws with regard to AI applications.

These acts will affect users and developers of AI applications, sometimes in an un­expected way. Join our free webinar series on AI regulation and liability and get an idea of the impact of the upcoming legislation for your company.


AI Regulatory Initiatives in the EU and Liability for AI Applications

In this session, we will focus on the Draft AI Act of the European Union and on issues relating to liability in the AI context.

Date and Time: 7 March 2022  (5-6 pm CET)

Making Sense of the Draft AI Act

Vera Jungkind

Hengeler Mueller, Partner

Conformity Assessments for High-Risk AI and Liability Dimensions

Dimitrios Linardatos

Liechtenstein University,
Acting Professor for banking and capital markets law

  • Dr. Vera Jungkind, Maître en Droit – Vera is a partner in Hengeler Mueller's Public Law and Regulatory Department. She focuses on data protection, product compliance, environmental law and foreign trade law/foreign sanctions. She regularly publishes on a range of matters and recently co-authored a book chapter on data protection questions re. AI applications in the healthcare sector.
  • PD Dr. Dimitrios Linardatos – Dimitrios is acting professor for bank and capital markets law at Liechtenstein University. He has authored several publications on AI-related topics, including on liability issues. His broader research interests include legal issues of digitalisation, in particular in the banking and finance sector.
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The AI Act as Blueprint for AI Regulation?

Our distinguished guests from politics, the industry and academia will discuss the implications of the AI Act for the industry and analyze what it will take to make the AI Act work in practice. In addition, we will look how the European approach to AI regulation is influencing the legislative discussions in other jurisdictions and vice versa.

Date and Time: 30 March 2022  (5-6 pm CET)


Ivana Bartoletti

Wipro, Global Chief Privacy Officer;
University of Oxford, Visiting Policy Fellow


Axel Voss

Member of the European Parliament,
AIDA and Legal Affairs Committees

Keynote: A New Brussels Effect?

Frederic Geber

Hengeler Mueller,
Senior Associate

  • Ivana Bartoletti – Ivana is the Global Privacy Officer at Wipro, the leading international information technology, consulting and business process services company. She is also a Visiting Policy Fellow at the University of Oxford. Ivana is an internationally thought leader in the fields of privacy, data protection and responsible technology and has (co‑) authored several books on AI.

  • Dr. Frederic Geber, LL.M. – Frederic is a senior associate in Hengeler Mueller's Public Law and Regulatory Department. His practice includes product law, mobility concepts, automated driving and complex digitalisation projects. He has published on the draft AI Act and closely follows the AI regulatory initiatives in the EU and abroad.

  • Axel Voss – Axel is a Member of the European Parliament (European People's Party, Christian Democrats). He is rapporteur of the Parliament's Special Committee on Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Age (AIDA) and prepared the Parliament's Initiative Report on a Civil Liability Regime for AI.

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Data Protection Law

In this session, we will explore how data pro­tection require­ments influence the develop­ment of AI appli­cations and gain industry insights relating to innovative AI driven solutions.

Date and Time: 26 April 2022  (5-6 pm CET)

Data Protection Issues under the Draft AI Act

Susanne Koch

Hengeler Mueller,

AI based Solutions Developed by Nomitri

Trinh Le-Fiedler


  • Dr. Susanne Koch – Susanne is Counsel in Hengeler Mueller's Public Law and Regulatory Department with a particular focus on health care regulation and data protection law. She recently published on data protection law questions re. AI applications in the healthcare sector and on German data protection law for scientific studies.
  • Trinh Le-Fiedler, LL.M. – Trinh is co-founder and the CEO of Nomitri, a company focusing on embedded visual AI for retail applications. Prior to that she worked as Principal at The Boston Consulting Group and held several positions in AI and e-commerce companies. Trinh holds a Master of Laws from Harvard and a Diploma of Laws from Sorbonne-Pantheon.
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